Fat Burning Foods: 5 Things To Eat

When you think about fat burning and weight loss, you probably think about all the things you’re not supposed to eat. That list is long, but there’s also a substantive list of things that you should make sure you eat when you’re trying to get healthy and improve the way your body looks and feels. Whether you’re trying to replace fat with muscle or you just want to lose a quick five pounds so your favorite jeans feel better, try one or all of these five foods.


The old saying is that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but there’s an even better to eat apples. They contain high amounts of pectin, which helps your body avoid absorbing and storing fat. When you eat apples, your body puts its powers of water absorption to work to flush out the fat instead of holding onto it. If apples aren’t your thing, try peaches or nectarines.


Almonds are high in calories, and that usually turns people away from them when they are dieting or counting every calorie they eat. However, you must remember that not all calories are created equal. The calories you get from almonds and other nuts (especially those in their whole form, with their skins still on), are valuable. They will provide energy, help you feel full, and reduce the cravings you might have from other foods filled with salt, fat, and empty calories. Almonds also help you build muscle.


Fish can serve as a meal or even a snack, and if you focus on the fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, anchovies, and tuna – you can be sure you’re eating fewer calories, less bad fat, and more good fat. You’ll also help your body burn fat more efficiently and provide amino acids to your muscles so you can build them more effectively. There has never been a healthy eating plan that did not promote the consumption of fish. It’s a healthy, low fat alternative to red meat and it will keep you trim and toned.

Chili Peppers

Hot food is good for you. Chili peppers can help your metabolism increase and burn fat from your body. When the metabolic rate in your body spikes, you do a better job of turning fat into muscle. Instead of storing it and allowing it to grow around your waist, hips, and thighs, you’ll be able to burn it off and you won’t feel hungry all the time. Plus, chili peppers spice up any dish.


Choose your favorite bean: black beans, pinto beans, navy beans, even chickpeas are good. Beans and legumes are full of fiber and protein. They will help you feel fuller and they’ll also provide a number of health benefits. They also activate your digestive system, keeping you regular and ensuring you aren’t retaining any water or toxins. Beans are a great option for vegetarians who need creative ways to find protein. Add them to salads, soups, eggs, and serve them on the side of any meal.

Incorporating foods like these into your diet will help you feel nourished instead of deprived. You’ll also notice that you’re less hungry and more committed to eating right. The best benefit is that you’ll notice a difference in the number on the scale as well as how you feel in your own skin.